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The wackiest VR shooter is here!

GAZZLERS is an insane VR shooter full of diesel-fueled chaos! Embark on an epic train ride across the lands of Ginkgo. Build your ultimate weapon and shoot, block, and dodge your way through hordes of crazy enemies to reach the Temple of the Machine God.

The Story

In 6042 on a distant planet named Ginkgo...

You awaken on an abandoned factory floor. You’re a rusty old robot, assembled for one purpose: to embark on a train and save the Machine God!

But your journey will not be an easy one! Hordes of insane Gazzlers will hound you across every land, trying to stop you in your tracks. Accompanied by Phil, a friendly yet forgetful AI, you uncover the ancient mysteries of a world long, long forgotten.

Are you ready to build your weapons, gather resources and level your skills on a journey of danger, wonder and gasoline?

Gazzler rocket

Some FAQs

When is the launch?

When is the launch?

Right now we’re nearing the end of development! We’re planning our release right now and will update you soon.



Yes. GAZZLERS is a game made exclusively for Virtual Reality.

What do I need to play GAZZLERS?

What do I need to play GAZZLERS?

GAZZLERS will be playable on all major VR platforms. For Steam, you will need a VR-ready computer and a compatible VR headset.

Is GAZZLERS a single-player?

Is GAZZLERS a single-player?

Yes! GAZZLERS will be a single-player experience!

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Pilgrimage of Steel

Embark on the Pilgrimage in your trusty locomotive to find the Final Station, the lost Temple of the Machine God! Complete the old archives and unravel the many secrets of this world… Piece together the story of Ginkgo and learn the truth behind the mystery of the Eternal Flame!

Fight the Gazzlers

Fight hordes of Gazzlers, each one unique in their methods of taking you down! They’ve got monster trucks, hippie vans, trikes, party buses and more! If it’s got wheels, the Gazzlers will find a way to make it work. And if it doesn’t, they will still try.

Discover the different strategies behind their crazy clunkers and how they function so you can find the best way to beat them.

Ride and Die

Each time you take on the Pilgrimage will be a unique journey. GAZZLERS features a roguelite-inspired encounter system, exposing players to new enemies, weapons, upgrades and challenges every run!

Build Crazy Weapons

Unlock various components and mods that impact the workings of your gun in unique ways. Combine and upgrade the parts you find on your Pilgrimage to create a weapon so insane, it just might work.

Gazzler tower

Get ready for the launch

Steam launch cover


Oculus launch cover


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